Want to prevent future damage to your Lenovo server; We can make preventive maintenance to your server…

Lenovo server Preventive Maintenance

Looking for a specialized Lenovo servers preventive maintenance? Here is Appifix, the best maintenance service with experts..

Lenovo Server preventive maintenance Aurora Denver Co

Lenovo Server preventive maintenance Aurora Denver Co


Preventive maintenance is one that allows us to detect repetitive failures, reduce deadlocks due to downtime, increase the useful life of equipment, reduce future repair costs, detect weak points in the installation among a long list of advantages to maintain a team in optimal conditions.

Lenovo server prevetive maintenance service. In Appifix we are specialists in Lenovo server preventive maintenance service, and we have experts technicians that allow us to offer the best results and customer service that you, deserves. At Apifix, we have the necessary experience to identify all the problems related to the Lenovo servers, as well as premium quality spare parts to repair it..

Our Lenovo server preventive maintenance service, has a robust staff of people, with great ability to identify problems. They have been carefully selected and trained to provide the best preventive maintenance services to Lenovo server. We have experience doing maintenance to Lenovo of all references for many years, in addition to repairing other devices such as Ipad, cell phones, servers, video game consoles and more; Here you will find definitive solutions to your problems with highly experienced staff and the best customer service in the area.

Appifix is an integral solution in maintenance services for IT devices. Our maintenance services are designed both for those who have a server / printer at home, and for companies that have a technological infrastructure that needs maintenance in their company, whether desktop servers, servers, printers and / or servers.

We have a quality maintenance service, not only for our staff, but also for the guarantee and support we offer. Our maintenance service includes aspects to: acquire, update, repair, for the general maintenance of your server / printer and / or server.

Find here spare parts of the highest quality for your Lenovo server, and the best trained staff for handling your devices.

Therefore, if you need an adjustment for your server, or are thinking about installing a video card, USB devices, fire cable, more RAM, whatever! Do not hesitate to contact us, for your full service solution.

System maintenance :

  • Elimination of temporary files (Internet, Programs and System).
  • Uninstall unnecessary programs that affect the performance of the Operating System.
  • Disable startup programs when the server is turned on.
  • Defragmentation Utility of the Hard Disk.
  • Check the errors on the hard drive.
  • Repair the system files.

Cleaning maintenance :

  • Cleaning in all its electronic parts: Power Source, Processor, Hard Disk ..
  • Cleaning with special cleaning foam in: Cabinet, CD Unit, Floppy and others.

Why choose us?

If you choose to bring your Lenovo Server or other device for preventive maintenance in Appifix, you can rest assured that your device is in the best hands. In our company you are the center of attention of all us, and we do everything possible so that you feel good; For years we have improved our sales processes, evaluated the best suppliers and selected the best staff possible so that our select group of customers is always well.


In Appifix, we have technicians specialist in preventive maintenance of Lenovo Servers:

  • Hard drive replacement, Hard drive upgrade, Virus removal, Screen repair / replacement, memory Ram Upgrade, Water damage diagnostic, Battery replacement / repair, Charging port / DC Jack repair / replacement, Overheating repair, Data recovery, Password recovery, Freezing screen repair, Keyboard replacement / repair, Software slow repair, server broken hinge repair, Network issues repair, Fan issues repair, Speed up, blue screen repair, speakers repair and more.

We can help you with any problem of server / server / cell phone / server and other devices. We are experts in repair servers too.

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