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CPU Fan issues repair

Heating is a problem due to lack of maintenance, here we can solve..

CPU Fan issues repair specialist

Your computer goes off or gets stuck? 

CPU Fan issues repair Aurora Denver Co

CPU Fan issues repair Aurora Denver Co


CPU Fan issues repair. Sometimes the CPU fan does not turn, and this problem can be for several reasons, the fan or the motherboard or even the power supply. When the fan becomes clogged with dust and fluff, this causes it not to rotate and therefore the problems of overheating, also other times the cables get stuck with the blades of the fan.

When the motherboard is the problem, it may be due to the circuit that supplies power and does not allow it to work. The same problem could originate in the PSU (power supply unit) if it can not emit 5 V or 12 V to power its fan . All these are common problems and we at Appifix have expert technicians to help you.

If you want your computer to work at an optimal level, the cooling system is essential. In Appifix we can install different refigeration systems, coolers and we are experts in this. Therefore if you notice that your CPU fan is not spinning, and it combines with overheating it is definitely an alarm and you can bring your computer to us to diagnose it and give you a prompt solution.

You can know if your computer is overheating by checking these symptoms:

  • CPU feels hot, especially around the fan exhaust area. The fan is blowing out hot air.
  • Computer shuts down when you are working / playing video intensive games or watching movies.
  • The overheating or shutting down issues becomes worse over time instead of getting better.
  • Laptop or desktop fan runs constantly at high speeds. You can tell if your fan is being extra loud.
  • Computer shuts down by itself when you haven’t powered it down.


Remember that it is normal for the cooling system of the CPU to turn off due to low temperatures you do not need it, there is no need to worry.


We can help you with any problem of network issues in your computer / laptop / cell phone / server and other devices. We are experts in repair computers too.

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