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Assemble custom computers

We build the computer of your dreams, according to your needs..

Experts in Assemble custom computers

Do you want to build a personalized computer?


Assemble custom computers Aurora Denver Co

Assemble custom computers Aurora Denver Co

“Our knowledgeable sales associates are always ready to help you to assemble custom computers according to your needs”


Assemble custom computers. We distribute and sell parts of computers nationwide; In case of having a specific requirement, our expert consultants in computer assembly have training for assemble custom computers according to your needs. In fact we specialize in assemble custom computers / desktops for customers in Aurora Denver Co. Per our customers’ requests, we offer customized, hand-built computer systems designed specifically to meet your needs. Put simply: we give you everything you need and nothing you don’t, maximizing the value you get from your computer equipment.

Here with us Appifix, our staff are trained not only at a technological level, but also in the management of interpersonal relationships, all in order to offer the best service both in the sale of computer parts as in the process of assembling your computer. Remember that for us, you are not a customer anymore, in fact you are a great ally of our organization.

At Appifix, we have a computer assembly service so that the specific needs of your business can be solved through the assembly of custom computer equipment. This service is ideal for companies of architects, students and people who want to optimize their economic resources by accessing state-of-the-art technology and easy compatibility with components that in the future will serve to update them.


Assemble custom computers for Gaming

Build your dream gaming PC / Desktop with us!, here you can find specialist people who know everything about to built high performance in a computer for the latest games and apps in the market. in Appifix you can customize by processor, graphics card, memory RAM, hard drive, mainboard and more!

Assemble custom computers for companies

Our assemble custom computers service is designed to provide a production of assembled equipment tailored to their needs. From planning and design to final testing and shipping, this integrated system will save you many problems and concerns.

The service reduces the costs of implementing an IT environment, using the highest quality standards to develop systems built and loaded with the required components and software.


Why assemble a custom computer?

  • Assembling a custom computer has advantages such as decreasing sales costs. Generally an assembled computer, is a computer that is designed part by part, it is possible that in the purchase of those parts the already assembled equipment has a much lower cost than when buying it by brand.
  • An assembled custom computer has compatibility and possibility of updating. In many cases updating a brand equipment, due to the particularity of its parts is not so easy to update, on the other hand an assembled team, has the advantage that the vast majority of its parts are standard and allow the user to update the same.
  • An assembled custom computer allows you to accommodate your needs. Because the assembled custom computer requires planning before its production, determining the needs to which the computer must respond before producing it, can give the customer the advantage that once produced, respond to what the customer needs.


We can help you with any problem of computer / laptop / cell phone / server and other devices. We are experts in repair computers too.


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