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Appifix computer and cell phone repair service provides the best computer / laptop / cell phone / server repair service in Aurora / Denver Colorado. We also provide computer, cell phone, laptop, tablet and server repair in surrounding areas. Our location are on the best area of Aurora Co, “The Gardens On Havana mall” over 80012 and we can serve from 80012 to 80231 zip code areas. Across the street from Costco of Denver. Zip codes we serve are 80014. 80012, 80247, 80230, 80015, 80017, 80011, 80013, 80010, 80237, 80018, 80016 and more.

  • Business IT Support
  • IT contractor
  • Network issues troubleshoot
  • Computers technical support /  Onsite Support
  • Server techcnical support / Onsite Support
  • Laptop technical support / Onsite Support
  • Computer / laptop / Tablet / Cell phone / Server repair.
  • Screens replacement for laptop / tablet / Cell phone.
  • Memory RAM replacement for Desktop / Computer / Laptop / Server.
  • Hard disk replacement for Desktop / Computer / Laptop / Server.
  • Keyboard replacement for Laptop.
  • Virus removal for Computer / laptop / Tablet / Cell phone / Server.
  • Data recovery for Computer / laptop / Tablet / Cell phone / Server.
  • Pasword recovery for Computer / laptop / Tablet / Cell phone / Server.
  • Freezing screen repair for Computer / laptop / Tablet / Cell phone / Server.
  • Speed up for Computer / laptop / Tablet / Cell phone / Server.
  • CPU Fan problems
  • DC Jack laptop repair
  • Cell phone charging port repair / replacement
  • Tablet charging port repair / replacement
  • Cell phone speaker repair / replacement
  • Cell phone camera repair / replacement
  • Cell phone battery replacement
  • Laptop battery replacement
  • Laptop broken Hinge repair 
  • Cell phone buttons repair
  • Computer Tune ups
  • Assemble custom computers / Desktop
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Dell server repair Dell server repair Aurora Denver Co
Iphone 5 repair Iphone repair Aurora Denver Co
Iphone 5C repair Iphone repair Aurora Denver Co
Iphone 5S repair Iphone repair Aurora Denver Co
Iphone SE repair Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet
Iphone 6 repair Iphone repair Aurora Denver Co
Iphone 6 Plus repair Iphone repair Aurora Denver Co
Iphone 6S Plus repair Iphone repair Aurora Denver Co
Iphone 6S repair Iphone repair Aurora Denver Co
Iphone 7 repair Iphone repair Aurora Denver Co
Iphone 7 Plus repair Iphone repair Aurora Denver Co
Iphone 8 repair Iphone repair Aurora Denver Co
Iphone 8 Plus repair Iphone repair Aurora Denver Co
Hp computer repair Hp computer repair Aurora Denver Co
Hp laptop repair Hp laptop repair Aurora Denver Co
Hp server repair Hp server repair Aurora Denver Co
Hp tablet repair HP tablet repair Aurora Denver Co
Dell computer repair Dell computer repair Aurora Denver Co
Dell laptop repair Dell laptop repair Aurora Denver Co


Computer repair

Technicians and engineers experts in computer repair.. (more…)

Troubleshoot Network issues

Can not find the Wi-Fi network, does not connect to the Internet, bring your device or fix it.. (more…)

Assemble custom computers

We build the computer of your dreams, according to your needs.. (more…)

Laptop broken Hinge repair

Do not throw away your computer with broken hinges, we can fix it.. (more…)

Battery issues repair

Devices that are downloaded quickly, bring it and fix it.. (more…)

Charging port issues repair

Broken charging ports are problems that happen frequently, we repair or replace them.. (more…)

CPU Fan issues repair

Heating is a problem due to lack of maintenance, here we can solve.. (more…)

Speed Up your Device

Software slow, slow procesing, we can fix it.. (more…)

Freezing screen repair

Sometimes your device keeps the frozen image, we can fix it.. (more…)

Data recovery

We offer professional services of data recovery.. (more…)

Virus Removal

Do not take risks, we can clean the virus on your devices.. (more…)

Laptop Keyboard replacement

Problems with your keyboard, here we can fix it.. (more…)

Hard Disk replacement

We do everything possible to secure your information and change the hard drive.. (more…)

IT Devices repair experts

Repair experts, We can repair almost anything for you.. (more…)

Business IT Support

We have IT support for companies.. (more…)

Computer Technical Support

We give technical support for companies and people.. (more…)

Computer Onsite Support

Technology experts at your disposal.. (more…)

Screen Replacement

We have enough experience in repairing screen damages.. (more…)

Memory Ram replacement

We are experts in fixing memory RAM Issues.. (more…)


Telecommunications engineers

Staff Member

Expert Telecommunications Engineers with the ability to develop networking solutions for business in USA.

Software Developers

Staff Member

Talented software developers to make efficient solutions.

System engineers

Staff Member

We have a great team of systems engineers ready to give solution to the requirements of the clients.

Electronic engineers

Staff Member

We have selected talented electronic engineers for the development and programming of products, which functions with the Internet and that promote efficiency in an organization.

Electrical Technicians

Staff Member

Electronic technicians experts in the repair and programming of boards, computers, servers, mobile devices.

Industrial Engineers

Staff Member

Industrial Engineers experts in the product development, process automation and creation of experiences …

App Developers

Staff Member

Mobile Application Developers Will Help Increase Sales of Your Business.

Technology consultants

Staff Member

Technology consultants specialized in the management and planning of IT projects, profitable business technology departments, implementation of new technologies…

Advertising Professionals

Staff Member

Professionals in advertising specialized in creating successful digital campaigns for our clients…

Marketing Professionals

Staff Member

Professionals in Marketing with experience in execution of projects at virtual level of great impact…

Systems Technicians

Staff Member

Technical specialists in IT, specialized in the provision of technical support services and maintenance of  PC, laptops and servers or any other technological infrastructure.


I’am satisfied with the my cell phone now that it was repaired. Thank you very much


Service it’s excellent, my cell phone now serves as a wonder

Jimmy Garzon, Architect

Thanks Appifix! for repairing my iPhone

Rosa Bustos, Customer

Very good service!!

Isaac Vanbermeck, Designer

Wonderful service! Thank you.

Natasha Morioka, Customer

OUTSOURCING SERVICES OF IT AURORA CO USA. Engineers, technicians and technology professionals highly trained to provide technology solutions that make your company efficient in Aurora Co USA

Innovation Culture

Every day, we work to improve our processes through innovation and development

Constan Desire of Improvement

Our business is to make companies efficient … We have a robust research team to achieve this.

Better Fast than Slow

We know that in business, time is money, we do our best to give results in record time.

Great is not sufficient

Great is the starting point of our solutions …


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Phone Number : + (1) 303-632-6886

Appifix Computer & Cell phone repair
10651 East Garden Drive Unit 102
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